Verifying a person’s background covers information about the character of that person and about his past. For example, if you met a person on the Internet and you only connected to them in the virtual environment, you should reflect on checking them before sending them personal information.
Our services can save you from possible unpleasant moments, wasted time and lost money. All checks and investigations on the person in question are performed in a discreet and confidential manner, making sure that they do not know that they are being investigated.
There are many reasons for checking out a person. Sometimes our customers want to know more about a person they met online or personally. We also have business clients who want to verify a person before entering into a business partnership with them. There are also clients who are owners of real estate and who want to check a potential tenant or buyer of the real estate.

Check-ups for people are about issues like:
– current address and phone number;
– address history;
– date of birth;
– nicknames / given names;
– information about relatives;
– information from colleagues and neighbors;
– civil status information (current marriage, previous divorce, etc.);
– children;
– goods and personal property or held under a different name;
– owned businesses;
– professional life and career;
– criminal / tax criminal record, criminal and civil lawsuits, accidents, etc .;
– strengths, professional and personal capabilities, weaknesses, vices (eg drug abuse, alcohol etc);
– hobbies and passions, personal lifestyle.

verificari asupra unor persoane

All of these aspects are not limitative, and can make checks on any items you consider necessary.
As professional investigators, we always know what information is valid and where to look for those that seem impossible to obtain, even if the investigated person knows well enough to hide his past.
Our checks and investigations are not restricted to simple database checks. We provide complete investigation services designed to provide you with all the necessary and useful information to make a correct decision about a person.