– Employee involvement in relationships with competing companies
If a company employee work / cooperate with other competitor, then it can affect your company both in terms of possible conflict of interest existing in legal terms, and also in terms of theft / transfer of data and information from your company the company competition. Operative surveillance services can provide photo and/or video evidence in these cases regarding the work done.

– Sick leave fraud
There are numerous cases where employees from the company obtain a doctor’s opinion on sick leave without being really sick and to impose this measure, but the company pays for the salary, medical insurance, etc. Also, they can work elsewhere during this period, thus receiving two incomes. This may affect not only the financial activity of the company, but may be illegal.

– Suspected illegal activities
If the person is involved in illegal activities such as counterfeiting of goods, property theft or other illegal activities, they may have a negative impact on the company. Performed professionally, surveillance operative can provide evidence in order to stop illegal activities and bringing to justice individuals involved.

– Wasted working hours
Any employee or contracted personnel could argue about the normal working hours provided, but without actually to have worked. For example, salespeople involved in visiting customers as part of daily activities may lie about where they were and what they did. The effects which may occur in these cases are loss of customers and therefore the company’s revenue.

– Economic espionage
Economic or industrial espionage activities is defined as stealing technological secrets of a company or monitoring attempts to steal data and information. The information transferred to another competitor can make the difference between success and failure. If company secrets are stolen or “sensitive” information end up at the competitor, success can seriously tip the balance in favor of it.

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