Our detectives carried out with professionalism the whole range of investigations, starting with services related to prior research to surveillance operative-informative (stakeouts) requested by beneficiaries.
Our team is formed of detectives with vast professional experience of over 20 years within the structures of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice and also young detectives from civil society, talented and seriously committed this job.

detectiv particular Bucurest

All our investigators are certified according to the law!

The PRINCIPLES that underpin our work and we respect rigorously in all we do are:
We ensure the secrecy of our investigations against third parties;
We perform all activities in compliance with laws and other normative acts;
The principle of permanent cooperation with our customers;
Maximum solicitude at any time of day or night for our clients;
Fairness, dignity and honesty, respect for privacy and confidentiality of information obtained;
Moderate and negotiable rates.

The ACTING AREA in which we operate include all counties of Romania. Although our company is originally from Bucharest, we move easily in any other city in the country or abroad.

1. Initial discussion concerning the subject of the investigation between the private detective and the client;
2. Preparing and presenting an estimate on the total cost of the investigation;
3. Signing the contract of investigations services, in accordance with the law;
4. Preparing of the investigation and other activities according to the law by the detective in cooperation with the client;
5. Conducting investigation in complete privacy;
6. Preparing the investigative report and handing it exclusively to the client under signature, along with all evidence obtained (photo, video, documents, etc.).

We guarantee a high standard of discretion and confidentiality as well as free advice to all clients, regardless of whether or not to entrust us to your case.