MATRIMONIAL INVESTIGATIONS have several aspects: information pre and post–marital, evidence in cases of infidelity in the couple, checking on the past future husband/wife; tests for divorce, separation, etc.


Some potential signs of infidelity:
Partner spends very little time at home;
– Partner seems to work late often;
– Noticeable behavior changes when talking on the phone;
– Partner answer the phone when you are not around or will not respond when you call;
– Partner spends unusually long time in front of the computer, usually on social networks or communication channels and change your computer’s display when you enter the room;
– Partner shows no interest in intimate moments;
– Partner ignores you or shows indifference.

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating or spends time with damaging activities for the whole family (ie gambling) and not talking to you about, our services will find the answers to your questions.
A private investigator can help you discover the truth and to dispel the doubts that disturb you. We will treat your problem with utmost discretion and compassion, while providing you with irrefutable evidence in the situation you face.
In most cases, suspicions that your partner is unfaithful are the result of changes in behavior. Therefore you should know for sure if these changes are innocent or not. In some cases you are sure that your partner will cheat; in others you may be deceived and be misinterpreted his/her behavior. In both cases, though, you need evidence to remove any suspicion and concern.
At the end of the investigation private investigator who will take your case will provide a detailed report of the investigation, including audio-video recordings, photographs, and other means of evidence relevant to the case.

investigatii persoane fizice

Premarital / prenuptial investigations

Do you really know the person you will be your life partner? You should!
Professionalism, resources and experience can help private investigators to find out the answer to this question. We are specialized in investigating the past and present of a person and that can help you in making the most correct decisions when entering/want to make a decisive step in a relationship.
Whether you need data about a person’s past, about the education that says that has or would like to document daily activities they perform, a private detective can provide the answers you need.