Polygraph testing is voluntary in Romania and shall be undertaken only with the written consent of the incumbent and the refusal to examine not enforceable.

All the studies and research on polygraph agree that:
– The polygraph is the best tool so far to detect lies, which means efficiency in dealing with cases;
– A polygraph test on a specific issue is more accurate than any other type of test;
– Training, skills and experience of the examiner is very important for precision and accuracy of conclusions from a polygraph exams.

The „Lie Detector” means polygraph recording apparatus of psycho-physiological reactions, such as: breathing, blood pressure, pulse and RED characteristic emotional tension.
The polygraph is not registering the lie itself but the physiological changes in the body during the various emotions that accompany simulation.
Consciousness of guilt, mobilizing an emotional state that can be masked with difficulty, is causing the subject to react emotionally, whenever it is presented an object or it addresses a question about the offense committed. Guilty person reacts when lies because relevant questions test its emotion or feelings that existed at the time of the crime.

Typical problems for polygraph testing:
Abuse / sexual assault;
– Theft / fraud / breach of professional ethics;
– Robbery;
– Suspicious Fires;
– Sabotage and destruction;
– Embezzlement;
– Threats – letters / e-mail;
– Industrial espionage – leaks;
– Sexual harassment;
– Disputes in the workplace;
– Screening of pre-employment / recruitment process;
– Adolescents and family conflicts;
– Couple or marital problems;
– Sports events or competitions;
– Legal issue – law firms.

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The following persons will not be subjected to polygraph testing:
Pregnant women;
– Minors under 18;
– Chronic alcoholics;
– People with mental illness regardless of diagnosis in medical documents filed;
– People under medical treatment that can not be interrupted;
– Any other person appreciates expert explained that they are unable to perform the polygraph examination.